I first met Melissa at a networking breakfast, and she seemed not only knowledgeable but very friendly and approachable. At the time our finances were in a shocking state, and neither of us were prepared to bring our heads out of the sand to fix it!

I decided to contact Melissa and see what we could do. And she was amazing. We spent the next 6 months or so, not only breaking down our barriers, but learning why we got there in the first place, acknowledging our money stories, and then learning to fix them. Melissa was warm, funny and most of all, never judging. Not once did she make us feel bad or stupid for getting where we got to. She was patient, kind and understanding.

So, we are not out of the woods yet (nothing a lotto win couldn’t fix!) but we are certainly getting there, and most of all we are accepting of what needed to, and still needs to, happen.

If you are in any kind of financial fug, not sure how to get out of it, reach out to Melissa, you’ll be glad you did!


Melissa is extremely knowledge and up to date with her financial and coaching guidance. Melissa transformed my life – giving me the foundations to be able to be ’money’ confident. The time I spent with Melissa was invaluable and would highly recommend you spending quality time with Melissa to help coach you into achieving your financial goals and aspirations.

Senior Executive, International Blue-chip Company

Working with Melissa has changed the way we feel about money. We were stuck in the cycle of just covering our repayments and never getting ahead. At first, we were apprehensive, we couldn’t see a way out, but the skills Melissa taught us, and above all her positivity and consistent encouragement have been pivotal in changing our relationship with money. We’ve been amazed at how far we’ve come in just six short months, and we’re excited to continue to work with Melissa to shape our bright future.


I have had the privilege to work with Melissa and in that time, we worked together, we were able to dig some deep money blocks and beliefs systems I have had and get rid of them. They were absolutely ridiculous! These were conditioned from when I was a child growing up to being an adult and it’s no wonder when money came in, it flew back out the window. Now after her sessions, I was able to create new beliefs around money, burn out the old and have NEW ways of what money means to me. Money is meant to be earnt and money is meant to flow. After our big change session, I was able to land a $5k project. Then I was able to see big cash instalments placed in my account and it felt good instead of the knots I had in my stomach.

One of my goals was to quit my job in Dec, I can finally announce, I quit my co-operate job, written a book and about to release with speaking events to come, also presented at the Brisbane exhibition centre for a great rate. My worth is really out of this world. From a Early Childhood Educators wage (one of the lowest paying industries) wage to getting 5 figures wages in an hour session is absolutely amazing. I am continuing this journey and ensuring I know my value and worth. It is way more than what I thought, and I will continue this journey to excellence to serve my people.


Transformational, Empowerment Coach, Speaker & Author

Melissa. Just wanted to say ‘Thank you’ for your guidance and keeping us accountable when developing our family budget over the last few months.

You made us stop and really look at our finances and where we are headed – as well as our spending and where we could cut down or cut out all-together.

With your assistance we were able to set some very clear concise financial goals – that we are well on the way to achieving.

Thanks again,

Troy and Nicole